Buz Sawyer
Buz Sawyer
New York City

Change is good, and Buz Sawyer has the management record to prove it.


Buz is a change agent with a passion and track record for helping creative people and businesses in culture-rich environments prosper and grow.


In 1990 he joined what was then a small Wieden+Kennedy in Portland to run the global Nike account where he managed the first ever-global launch for a Nike product.  Two years later Buz spearheaded the launch of Wieden+Kennedy’s first international office in Amsterdam, creating the blueprint for Wieden’s overall growth strategy outside of the US.  After six years the office was staffed with 120 people with 15 nationalities and was working with Nike, Coca-Cola and Microsoft, etc. in Europe, both regionally and locally.


Buz returned to the US in 1998 to expand Lowe Lintas San Francisco from a 20-person service office into a 100-person full service agency.  In doing so he immersed himself in the world of tech with Sun Microsystems as a client, as well as living the joys of the dot com bubble, and the bust. 


In 2001 he rejoined Wieden+Kennedy as Managing Director of their 60 person New York office, driving the small, traditional agency into a thriving, diversified communications business embracing all digital platforms with a staff of 180 people, with ESPN, Delta Airlines, Nike, The ABC Television Networks as clients.


Buz left Wieden after a total of 17 years to become the CEO of Cheil Americas in 2010 to help them reboot their business in the region.  In the last four years, Buz has transformed the culture and operations of Cheil’s network agencies in Canada, Mexico, and Brazil by hiring local industry-leading talent to produce top quality, culturally relevant work for global and local clients in each market, including Samsung.   In the US, Buz reinvented Cheil’s presence by strengthening the leadership of digital agency The Barbarian Group to spur its growth, and managing the acquisition of leading independent ad agency, McKinney, to become a creative centerpiece for the global network. 


Since 2011 Buz has also served as the Board Chairman (non-exec) of Hyper Island, the Stockholm-based education company. Buz, who is currently consulting with Hyper Island in New York, is particularly keen in helping guide their US expansion to meet demand from top ad agency executives and brand marketers seeking to create a culture of creativity and change that will enable their companies to embrace tomorrow’s transformative technology.


Overall, Buz has built a 35+ year career of growing creatively-focused businesses. He has engaged with preeminent brands in the US and internationally, including Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Gillette, Nike, ESPN, ABC Television Networks, Eddie Bauer, Alberto Culver, Avon, Samsung, Sharp Electronics, Nokia, Microsoft, Sun Micro Systems, Delta Airlines, and his all-time favorite Benihana.


When not working, Buz leaves all devices behind as he sails Fishers Island Sound on his boat, Analog.